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Exploring your data

Tutorial Step 2/4: visualize the indicators, select an indicator, select objects or multiple objects.

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Once you enter a view, you will see a map and a dashboard. Map contains clickable objects, dashboard shows collective values.

You can explore your data in several ways:

1. Visualize the indicators 

Use an "eye icon" to visualize the indicators on map directly from dashboard. You can explore the data in the map without leaving the dashboard.

2.  Select an indicator

Click on an indicator from the dashboard, display the data in the map and get to the indicator drill. This allows you to explore the distribution and intensity of selected phenomenon across the map.

3.  Select an object

Click on an object from the map to display its details. This allows you to assess object's values and ranking for each indicator. Use "shift" to select multiple objects from map at once.

4.  Combine both

Pick an indicator and an object to drill down for detailed insight.

What's next?

Move on to learn how to set up the right conditions to display your data.

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