Attributes is a type of block. It contains additional information about selected object. 


Block is an element in the Infopanel that contains specific type of information. There are four types of block - Distribution, Ranking, Time series or Categories. Another type of block, Attributes, is available directly in the Dashboard.


Categories is a Block that lists and controls specific classes of data within a single Indicator.


Compare is a tool that enables to compare value of Indicators between two Objects.


Data means custom or imported data sources.


Dashboard is the initial state of the Infopanel. It displays all Indicators with cumulative values for the entire network (i.e. for all objects that contain some data) and block Attributes.


Distribution is a Block that via histogram shows and controls distribution of Objects and their values in the map.


Filter is a feature that affects the amount of data displayed in the View.


Fitness is a colour representation of rank and Percentile. It is always relative to other Objects of the same category.

Global date

Global date is the period for which are data displayed in the View.


Granularity is the level of detail in which data can be displayed in the map.


Indicator is an overall figure representing specific business, socioeconomic or demographic Phenomenon. Its value is based on specific Metrics and applied Filters.


Infopanel provides supplementary information to the map. It lists all available Indicators for the View and drills down to various Blocks. Initial state of the Infopanel is called Dashboard.


Legend describes full range of values of specific Indicator across the map.


Metadata constitute the background of the entire Project. There are several types of metadata objects, e.g mathematical formula that defines Metrics. 


Metrics is a mathematical formula that defines the calculation of the Indicator value.


Object is a clickable feature in a map (area, point, line, marker), that can contain information.


Percentile is a measure indicating the value below which a given percentage of Objects of the same category fall.


Phenomenon is an Indicator displayed in a map.


Project is a collection of Views. It contains Data, Metadata and grant access to selected Users.

Project page

Project page is the starting point of CleverMaps, it is the directory of all Views within your Project.


Ranking is a Block that orders all relevant Objects based on the value of selected Indicator.

Time series

Time series is a Block that shows progress and trend of a selected Indicator over selected period of time.


Tools are features for performing various operations within the View (such as searching, filtering, measuring etc.).


User is a unique person registered to CleverMaps platform.


View is a visualization of certain theme using a set of related Indicators and groups of Objects displayed on a map.

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