You can set up various conditions that specify how and what kind of data you want to be displayed.

Global date

Display your data for specific time period.

Open the Global date menu in top left corner and pick desired start and end dates. This will narrow all the data in your view just to the selected period.


Apply various filters on your data.

Open the Filters panel to access, set up and activate your filters. Easily keep track of currently active filters by watching the blue counter in the toolbar.

Visualization and Granularity

Control the type of visualization and level of detail you want your data to be displayed at in the map.

Open the Visualisation menu and choose from administrative units, heatmap, dotmap, grid or lines. Some of visualisation types provide several levels of granularity. Each level offers unique insight into how is your data distributed geographically.


Open the Visibility panel to control the visibility of objects displayed in map.

What's next?

Let's take a final look at how to understand the data in the map and the info panel.

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