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Organisation of your project

Tutorial Step 1/4: project page and view

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Right after you register, you arrive at a project page of your project, which contains list of your views.


Project is the top-level space. It is the starting point to access all your views.

Usually, there is only one project per user, but you can own as many projects as you like. To access different project click on the name of the current project and pick from the list.


Views are the gateway to exploring and analyzing your data. Each view contains map and a collection of indicators that represent portion of your dataset.

Every view is carefully built to cover specific goal or set of goals. The combinations are endless. Refer to the name and description of the view to decide which one will help you reach your goal best. Click and explore it!

Once you are inside the view you can switch between views by clicking on its name in the dashboard.

Or simply return to your project page by clicking the home button. 

What's next?

Now you are ready to learn about how to start exploring your data.

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