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How to understand Dot map
How to understand Dot map

Visualise data using Dot map

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Dot map uses simple dots to represent the actual occurrence of each data point. Unlike heatmap, these points do not aggregate and they always retain their true location. Dotmap is the closest visualisation to the actual spatial pattern in reality.

When you select an indicator the dots change their size. The higher is the value of the indicator the bigger dots get. Dots don't change the colour. 

Distribution and Legend helps you understand the spatial distribution.

Select any dot to display the value of indicators available on the dashboard. The selected dot becomes yellow. Using shift+click you can select several dots at once. Click on an indicator to drill down the indicator for selected dot.

 If there's a relationship between data visualised as dotmap and markers (e.g. students belonging to specific school) the catchment area can be displayed.

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