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Signing up, logging in and accepting invitation
Signing up, logging in and accepting invitation

Sign up, accept invitation, log in, log out, delete account.

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As a user with an account, you can explore various template projects provided by CleverMaps, create your own projects, invite others to your existing projects and be invited to projects.

How to become a user?

To become a CleverMaps user you have to create an account by signing up to CleverMaps.

Signing up 

To sign up to the CleverMaps use the "Log n" field on our website

There are two options of signing up:

  1. Fill the form with e-mail, name, surname and your own password

You will use this e-mail address and password when you log in to your CleverMaps account in the future.

2. Use your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account

It is easier but brings several limitations. Your account will be connected to email you use to log in to selected social network. If somebody would like to invite you to his project, he has to send you the invitation to that e-mail address and you have to be signed up into CleverMaps before you accept the invitation.  

Once you sign up via Social Sign up it is possible to add password. Switch from Social Log in tab to Log in, click on "Forgot?" in password field and follow the instructions. You will need the password to create your own projects using CleverMaps Shell.

Accepting invitation to project in CleverMaps

You can be invited to a project via e-mail. The mail will contain unique link. Click on the link opens new tab where you log in. The e-mail address will be filled in and you have to use password that you chose when you signed up for the first time.

If you don't remember the password click on "Forgot?" in the Password field and follow the instructions to set up a new password.

If you haven't signed up and created an account in CleverMaps yet you can do it now. To get into a project you were invited to you have to sign up and create an account associated with the same e-mail address you got an invitation to. The password is not provided by CleverMaps, you have to fill in your own password.

Based on your e-mail service the invitation from can sometimes end up in spam. Please, check also spam box.

How to get again into the project?

You signed up or accepted an invitation and explored a project. How do you get again into CleverMaps after you left and find the project you worked with before?

Log in 

If you already have an account use your email and password to log in or use Social Log In via Facebook, Gmail or LinkedIn as described above. You can use log in from CleverMaps web or

Find a project

After login, you will get to the main dashboard where you find all project you have access to. If you are a member of more than one organisation, you can easily filter the projects for each organization using the drop-down menu new to your account.

If you cannot find the project you are looking for on the dashboard, use the search bar.

Log out 

You can log out from the Project page...

... or from any View using Menu...

...or from the main dashboard.

When you close the browser you will be logged out too.

Delete account

You can delete your account from the menu on the Project page or in the View. Be sure about it because all your personal data, projects and data in CleverMaps will be lost. There's a dialogue window before complete deletion. Keep in mind it is an irreversible process.

What's next?

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Find out how to create your own project or invite user to your existing project.

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