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Create a project

How to create project in CleverMaps.

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What is a CleverMaps project?

Project is a collection of Views. It contains Data, Metadata and grant access to selected Users. 

CleverMaps mixes the capabilities to create a logical data model and to build Views above it. 

In the logical data model you can join your internal data with external data and use data dimensions provided by CleverMaps.

The Views and data model are built on metadata which configure the user interface, the background of the project and the metrics.

CleverMaps shell and platform

Before you create a project you should be familiar with both CleverMaps shell and CleverMaps platform.

CleverMaps shell is a command line interface tool designed for creation and editing of a project.  It allows you:

  • to define data model

  • to load data

  • to set up and edit all properties and features of project and metrics by defining metadata

CleverMaps platform is available from web browser and allows you to view the created project. Using CleverMaps platform you can:

  • explore your data and spatial distribution of any phenomenon

  • set up various filters, time frame, use tools available in the project

  • display the data model

  • export data

  • invite new users and share with them the projects

  • manage user roles

How to create a project

Follow the instructions in our Documentation for developers, where you find several tutorials. 

Anyone should be able to create a project, but basic knowledge of command line applications and the JSON format is an advantage and make the work with CleverMaps Shell easier.

How much does it cost?

We have several pricing plans based on number of users in project, number of map views, size of data storage, availability of customer support and more. Check it and choose the one fitting the best your needs. 

We support the education and that's why we allow students to create projects for free.

Contact us if you need more information at

What's next?

Learn more about data, data model and data dimensions.

Have you already tried to create a project? If needed, contact our support and let us know what you like or what doesn't work for you. You can use email or the chat in the right bottom corner. 

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