User management

The user management interface is available from CleverMaps platform menu on Project page and in the Views. It allows you to invite new users into a project, manage project roles and status and delete a user from a project.

If you don't see the user management in the menu it means you don't have enough user rights and you can't invite new user into the project.

Invite new user

Select User management in the menu on Project page or View and switch to INVITATIONS section. Type the email address, set up user role and invite new user. You can invite several users at once. 

The user will get email from which sometimes might end up in spambox. User has to click on the unique link included in the email and log in to his existing account or sign up and create new account. Read more about how to become a user and accept the invitation.

User roles

CleverMaps supports 4 project roles:

  • Viewer

After accepting an invitation to a project, you become a Viewer. You are allowed to view the project and export data.

  • Editor

The Editor is able to view the project, to edit project metadata and to validate the data.

  • Load data

The Load data project role is able to load and validate only the project data (not metadata). Users with this role may be used for automated data upload. 

  • Admin

As an Admin, you have all the rights of the lower user roles, you are able to load/dump project data, invite other users into the project, and manage existing users. 

Read more about user roles in Documentation for developers.

User Status

There are two statuses that you can set up in user management. Status enabled means that user has all functions available. When you disable the user you temporarily turn off the user. The user can't visit the project.

Remove user

In user management mode, switch to USERS section. Select the user and click on "Remove" to permanently remove their access to the project.


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