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Invite new user and manage user's roles.

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User management

The user management interface is available from CleverMaps platform menu on Project page. It allows you to invite new users into a project, manage project roles and status and delete a user from a project.

If you don't see the user management in the menu it means you don't have enough user rights and you can't invite new users to the project.

Invite new user

Select User management in the menu on the Project page or View and switch to the INVITATIONS section. Type the email address, set up the user role and invite a new user. You can invite several users at once. 

The user will get an email from, which sometimes might end up in the spam folder. The user has to click on the unique link included in the email and log in to his existing account or sign up and create a new account. Read more about how to become a user and accept the invitation.

User roles

There are 6 user roles in CleverMaps - Viewer, View Creator, Metadata Editor, Data Editor, Load Data and Admin and 19 permissions assigned to them:




View Creator

Metadata Editor

Data Editor


Load Data

project permissions

access a project

get project detail

delete a project

update a project

project membership

add project membership

list project membership

update project membership

delete project membership

project invitations

invite to project

list project invitations

update project invitation

project data

load project data

dump project data

validate project data

project metadata

create view

delete own view

create dashboard

delete own dashboard

create marker selector

delete own marker selector

create indicator drill

delete own indicator drill

update bookmarks

create all metadata (except for data permissions)

update all metadata (except for data permissions)

delete all metadata (except for data permissions)

update data permissions

project audit

get audit log

  • Viewer

The lowest user role available. After accepting an invitation to a project, you become a Viewer. A Viewer can open map views in a project, filter data and create a personal bookmarks.

  • View creator

This role has all the permissions of the Viewer role and, in addition, it is able to create/delete its own project metadata of the following types: view, dashboard, marker selector, indicator drill. The View creator can as well save their Personal views and manage project Stories.

NOTE: After creating views by View Creator role, these (personal saved views) are visible only to the creator and displayed alphabetically at the end of the view list on the project page in UI. In order for personal saved views to be visible to all users, these views must be included in defaultViews list of ProjectSettings metadata objects. Managing ProjectSettings metadata object can be done only by users with Metadata Editor or Admin roles. See Project settings for more details on defaultViews list.

  • Metadata Editor

This role has all the permissions of the Viewer role, and, in addition, it is able to create/update/delete all project metadata (except for DataPermissions metadata type), and validate the data.

  • Data Editor

This role has all the View Creator and Load Data roles permissions.

  • Load data

The Load data user role can load and validate the project data only. Users with this role may be used for automated data upload as an account in a Shell script. This role is not part of the role hierarchy described above.

  • Admin

As an Admin, you have all the permissions of the lower user roles, plus you are able to load/dump project data, invite other users into the project, and manage existing memberships. User management interface is available in the application by hovering the Account icon on the bottom left of the Project page, and selecting User management.

User Status

There are two statuses that you can set up in user management. Status enabled means that the user has all functions available. When you disable the user, you temporarily turn off the user. The user can't visit the project.

Remove user

In user management mode, switch to the USERS section. Select the user and click on "Remove" to permanently remove their access to the project.


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