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Understanding Fitness
Understanding Fitness

Compare objects using their rank and percentile.

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Fitness is a fast way of assessing the overall condition of each object. It uses straightforward three colour scheme:

  • Green = good

  • Yellow = average

  • Red = bad

Fitness of an object is a relational measure. It is always in relation to other objects of the same group. The colour tells you the object's approximate position on a quality scale. Green means the object's value is in the top or best third of all objects. Consequently, yellow means the value is in the average and red in the worst third.

Rank and percentile

To get more accurate information, hover the fitness gauge. It will reveal the exact rank and percentile of the object's value.

Get the rank and percentile directly in the header by hovering the indicator icon.


Note that fitness can be displayed for a single object only. It cannot be displayed for a group of objects or the entire network.

The reason for this is that the object always needs to be in relation to other known objects. Indicators for the entire network cannot have fitness because there is no other network to compare them to. Group of objects cannot have fitness either because there are no other groups to relate to.

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