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Understanding your data

Tutorial Step 4/4: map and indicator drill

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CleverMaps comes equipped with several ways to help you make the most out of your data.

The map

Anytime you select an indicator, all its data get displayed in the map. There is a straightforward golden rule - the darker the color is, the more intense the phenomenon is. This makes it really easy to spot patches of high or low intensity.

Click on segments in legend to turn them completely off from the map and from all totals. This will help you narrow down the visualisation so you can inspect only that which you are really interested in.

The Infopanel


To fully customize the distribution of data in the map use the block Distribution. In the histogram, drag the breaks to change the range of each segment or click the break to input exact value. 

Any segment can be also completely turned off from the map by clicking on it.


Ranking offers a complete summary of all objects sorted by their value. Get concrete names and locations of objects that perform great or poor. 

Time series

Track the progress and trend of an indicator over selected period of time.


Examine the internal structure of your data by looking at various categories. 


Fitness helps you to quickly assess overall condition of any object in your network. Its colour represents the objects position on a quality scale:

  • green is the upper or the best third

  • yellow is the middle or the average third

  • red is the lower or the worst third

Hovering your mouse over fitness will reveal exact rank and percentile of selected object.

What's next?

You are all set now! Continue with the following:

  • Refer to the How to... section for more in-depth information on various tasks that you can do with CleverMaps.

  • Browse our ever growing Help Center for answers to any question you might have. Make sure to rate every article at the bottom. It will help us make the Help Center better for everyone and resolve any questions in the case the article was not helpful to you.

  • Start using CleverMaps and let location analytics help you efficiently tackle the challenges of your business.

Contact our support any time by hitting the button at the bottom right corner or directly from CleverMaps by going into menu and hitting Support.

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