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Save current state of a view
Save current state of a view
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In CleverMaps you can do a lot of things to get an exact desired visual representation of your data. You can set up filters, select objects, move and zoom map, set up dashboard charts, turn of or on map layers and more. All of this is considered as a state of view and we know you want to save it for later, show the result to your colleagues or to build a story with it in our Stories Builder.

There are two options how to Save current state.


  • for a quick and temporal use.

  • is availale to all project members.

  • a link is generated which can be saved in you browser bookmars or your document.

Save as...

  • for reliable and long-term use-cases.

  • It is available to View creators, Editors and Admins. See user management help for members roles details.

  • a view is saved as Personal view directly inside platform and is accessible from project page.

How does the Share feature work?

It is described in its own article here: Share current state of a view

How does the Save as... feature work?

  • Select objects from the map, set up filters, etc.

  • Click on the Save as... feature which is available in the menu on the upper right part of the view.

  • Fill in a name and description of new Personal view in the dialogue window.

  • Open the Project page to see you saved Personal view.

Which state is stored?

Almost every setting and selection can be shared. Those are:

  • zoom level, bounding box, and map center

  • selected object(s)

  • any set of filters and global date

  • any setting in the Visibility panel

  • type of visualization and level of granularity

  • dashboard with drilled indicator and/or any settings of blocks on the dashboard (except collapsed/expanded blocks)

  • active tool instead of the dashboard (tools = Compare, Filters, Search or Measure tool with selected isolines)

For how long is the Personal saved view stored?

In opposite to Share links Personal saved views are stable until owner or project admin or editor deletes them or until project is deleted.

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