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Share current state of a view
Share current state of a view

Present, report and share results

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Collaboration is crucial for analytical teams to work efficiently. This feature enables you to easily present, report, share current state of view with other users and collaborate with teammates.

Example: in the link, you can store several states of view with different results (e.g. filter settings), put the links in a presentation, and just click on the specific links in a presentation to open the views.

There are two options how to Share current state.


  • for a quick and temporal use.

  • is availale to all project members.

Save as...

  • for reliable and long-term use-cases.

  • It is available to View creators, Editors and Admins. See user management help for members roles details.

In both options a link is generated which can be shared with all project members via email, chat, etc.

How does the Save as... feature work?

The Personal view is created and a link to the view can be shared with your colleagues.

How to save Personal view is described in its own article here: Save current state of a view

How does the Share feature work?

  • Select objects from the map, set up filters, etc. 

  • Click on the Share feature which is available in the menu on the upper left part of the view.

  • A link is generated. In the dialogue window, you can either control/command+c or copy the link to the clipboard. 

  • You can share the link via email, chat, etc. 

  • The only person who has access to the project can open the state of the view saved in the link. 

What can be shared? 

Almost every setting and selection can be shared. Those are:

  • zoom level, bounding box, and map center 

  • selected object(s)

  • any set of filters and global date 

  • any setting in the Visibility panel

  • type of visualization and level of granularity

  • dashboard with drilled indicator and/or any settings of blocks on the dashboard (except collapsed/expanded blocks)

  • active tool instead of the dashboard (tools = Compare, Filters, Search or Measure tool with selected isolines)

Share links are valid until any change in correspondent view is made. When you or the administrator change any metadata setting of the corresponding view, all related share links become invalid.

If data are changed, in most cases nothing happens. But if there's a filter with selected marker and marker data are deleted, then it is not possible to open the view. The share link will always use the recent data.

If you want reliable long-term link use Save as... feature instead.

You can copy the link into a presentation, chat, email it or save it to the clipboard. If you want to store it in CleverMaps use Save as... feature instead.

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