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Lines visualization

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Lines visualization allows you to display linear data points such as streets, utilities, or even the movement of people and vehicles.

Examples of use of lines in CleverMaps:

  • route distribution for riding, driving

  • mobility data mapped on streets

  • households mapped on streets for e.g. flyers distribution purposes

  • condition of electricity and gas distribution, sewerage and road network

Visualise quantitative and qualitative phenomenon using lines

It is possible to visualise quantitative and/or qualitative phenomenon using lines.

  • The quantity of the observed indicator is displayed via the thickness of the lines.

  • The quantity of the observed indicator is displayed via the color of the lines. Several color scales are available.

  • Example: price per ride on different routes

  • The quantity and qaulity is displayed via thickness and color of the lines using block Categories.

  • Example: use of type of bicycle on different cycling routes


Hover over lines in the map displays tooltip with further details, values of indicators and if available also type of category visualised on the line.

You can also use the legend to find out what particular color, pattern or thickness means.

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