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Visualize quality of the indicator
Visualize quality of the indicator

Qualitative visualization

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Visualize quality of indicator comes in handy when you need to analyze e.g. prevailing type of delivery type in counties or visualize results of elections and see in map the winning parties in individual provincies. 

Visualize via block Categories

Hover over block Categories reveals an eye icon. Click on the icon to visualise the value of individual categories of the selected indicator on the map. Objects (dots, areas, grids or lines) in the map get colorized. The color indicates the prevailing category of phenomenon. 

How to read the map

Hover over objects in map displays tooltip. It helps you to understand the value of selected indicator and also its categories. There can be just one category valid for an object, but also more categories with different values of indicator. In this case the objects get colorized by prevailing category.

Filter data using Categories

When you interact with categories in the block by selecting one or multiple values, it means that you filter out the data. It is not possible to turn off e.g. all areas that have the most customers who pick up orders, but you can see the distribution just of customers who use delivery.

If you can’t see the visualize button in a block Categories it means that the type of data isn’t suitable to be displayed as quality in the map.


The size of dots in the map and in the legend indicates the values of indicator, color indicates the categories. 

Areas and Grids

Areas and grids can't change their size. In this case color indicates categories and transparency of color indicates value of the phenomenon.


Width of lines indicates the values of indicator, the categories are displayed as colors.


Legend in bottom left corner helps you to understand the value of indicator and also categories colors in the map. 


You can display up to 10 colours and keep the map easy to read. If you have more than 10 categories in block Categories the 11th and others will be grey. By default, the colours are assigned in following order: purple, orange, lime, red, blue, brown, turquoise, pink, green, yellow and grey for other categories by value of indicator. It is not possible to change the colours directly in the CleverMaps platform. It can be set up in metadata using CleverMaps Shell.

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