Tool Compare enables you to compare two objects of same type, e.g. two markers, two polygons, dots etc. It displays all indicators and attributes on same dashboard.

How to use Compare

  • Access Compare in tool panel.

  • Select two objects of same type from the map. Firstly selected object is marked as blue in the panel and map. It is selected permanently. Secondly selected object is marked as orange. When you choose another object of same type from map it will replace the orange one. 

  • You can access tool Compare with already selected "blue" object and then choose the second one from map.

  • You can reset the selected objects and select new.

  • Hover over Fitness dots reveals rank and percentil of the objects based on value of indicators.

Dominance and Overlap

Click on an indicator tile in Compare panel to see the overlap in catchment areas or evaluate the dominance of selected objects. This option is suitable when comparing markers (representing e.g. ATMs) that are connected to spatial data in map (e.g. location of customers who made transaction at ATM).

It helps you to answer question such as: Which ATM is more used in specific area?


  • The tool doesn't allow to compare objects of different type, e.g. polygon and marker.

  • The tool can't be used with heatmap visualisation. In our example with ATMs and transaction, you won't be able to determine the link of customers' locations to ATMs in overlaped areas using heatmap. Heatmap will basically aggregate the data in overlaped areas and this will distort the results. 

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