What kind of data do I need?
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CleverMaps will work with any kind of data that contain spatial information.
It means that each data entry has to contain at least one of these:

  • coordinates in any valid coordinate system 

  • or a valid address 

Example of your own data sources can be information about your customers, credit card transactions, purchases or orders, loyalty programs, contracts with clients, data from CRM systems etc. Almost anything can be put in context of location.

The added value of CleverMaps is that it enriches your own datasets with valuable demographics data from open sources of individual country. These could be, for example, information about population or number of households in specific area. If you need some commercially available, more accurate datasets, we can incorporate those with your data too. Just note that you will have to pay for your own license in such case.

Before loading into the application, it is essential that your data are properly geocoded (which means that the address has to be translated into coordinates) so they can be correctly displayed on a map. You can either use your own geocoded data, or let us geocode it for you. If your data are already geocoded, you just need to export them into a CSV file.

Depending on the nature of the data, we will then display it in the map in the form of points (stores, POIs, customers etc) or areas (administrative or custom divisions, hexagonal grid etc) or lines.

Contact us for further details by using email support@clevermaps.io or the chat in the right bottom corner.

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