Why can't I see any data?
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There are several reasons that might be the cause of the problem:

Too many filters

Check your Filters panel for any active filters. Applying too many or too strong filters can result in a complete choke of data. Try reseting or disabling some active filters or completely remove all filters to start fresh.

Wrong time period

Check if the selected time period is correct. You might be looking at an older time period which can render some of your current objects out of data. Open the the Global date menu in the top left corner and select different start and end dates.

Turned off categories

Check if at least one category is turned on in the bar chart and the histogram. Turning off all the categories essentially means filtering out all the data.

No data available

If you see the N/A value, there are simply no data available for selected object. It is either because of your currently active filters, selection of the time period or because there are no input data for the object available at all. If you suspect you should see some data instead of the N/A value, contact our support.

Incomplete loading

The data might got stuck somewhere in between our servers and your browser. Try refreshing your browser and wait for all the load bars to disappear.

None of the above

If all of the above didn't help, there might be an internal issue with the data model. Contact our support and we will work out the problem.

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