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Exporting data
Exporting data

How to export your data from CleverMaps

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Data export is available in every view. To export your data go to Menu and select Export. In newly open window choose one of the predefined exports and confirm your choice by clicking on Export button. You can check by question-mark sign what columns individual export returns. Your data will be then exported into CSV file directly into the browser.

Set up the conditions

Before you export the data, be sure you set up desired condition. Exported data are affected by Global date settings, active filters, chosen area or object in the map and in block Distribution or Legend. The level of granularity doesn't affect the exported data. 

In the particular view there are different indicators available in the dashboard. The indicators you see in dashboard or infopanel will be exported too. It's up to you which view you choose to fulfill your needs.

Define the export

Individual exports for whole project are predefined by consultant who set up the project. To set up customised export in your project refer to CleverMaps for Developers.

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