What is CleverMaps?

How CleverMaps works and what it can do for your business, video introduction.

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CleverMaps is cloud-based location intelligence platform that enriches and displays your business data in interactive map. It enables you to see the location context and answer many business questions when you develop, manage or optimise your company.  

How can be CleverMaps useful for my company?

CleverMaps will work for any company from omnichannel, retail, banking, insurance, telco & utilities, real estate and delivery services. When you manage the company you often deal with:

  • Map Data Visualization

  • Catchment Area Analysis 

  • Market Potential and Share Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Branch Network Optimization

  • Location Planning & Analysis

  • Efficient Flyer Distribution

  • Customer Intelligence

  • Geomarketing

CleverMaps allows you to easily understand the location context and find answers to questions starting "Where...?".

In contrast to other solutions, CleverMaps provides easy to understand interactive map visualisations.

Who uses CleverMaps?

  • Data analysts who want easily define metrics, set up the views and share them with management.

  • Sales team which needs to show the visualisation in the map to customers, plan the work and see the progress in the space and time.

  • Management which appreciates easy to understand views and possibility to change the setting and find answers on their own.

How does CleverMaps work?

CleverMaps merges internal and external data. The important attribute, that every dataset has to have is information about location.

Examples of your own data are information about you network branches, customers, transaction, purchases, data from loyalty programs etc. The external datasets can be bought or gotten from public sources. These are demographics, places of residence, places of interests, competitors location, driving distance and much more.

CleverMaps connects all the datasets into logical data model and enables to see, explore and filter the data together in one interactive map.

For example, two stores could look same according to number of customers displayed in table or column chart, but in the map you can see that every shop serves customers from different areas.

As it is cloud-based, CleverMaps can be reached everywhere from the browser and the views are easily shared between users.

What's next?

  • Sign up and explore data in spatial context in one of our demo projects.

  • Find out more about CleverMaps platform in video tutorial.

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