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Explore the location in 3rd party apps
Explore the location in 3rd party apps

Explore selected location in Google Satellite, Google StreetView, Ortophoto, Panorama, ČÚZK Parcel Informations

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It is possible to open any location in several 3rd party apps. Keep in mind that some of these services are not available in your country. Currently, we support:

  • Google Satellite

  • Google StreetView

  • Ortophoto

  • Panorama

  • ČÚZK Parcel Informations

How it works

Open context menu with right click anywhere in the map and select the 3rd party app. The location details will open in new browser tab.

See it in action in our Exposure Index Demo.

This function is not available by default - it has to be set up in metadata. If you are not administrator of your project you have to ask the person who administrates your project to set it up.

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