Share feature enables you to easily present, report, share current state of view with other users and collaborate with teammates.

Example: in the link, you can store several states of view with different results (e.g. filter settings), put the links in presentation and just click on the specific links in presentation to open the views.

How Share works?

  • Select object from map, set up filters etc. 

  • Click on Share feature which is available in the menu on the upper left part in the view.

  • A link is generated. In the dialogue window you can either control/command+c or copy the link to clipboard. 

  • You can share the link via email, chat etc. 

  • Only person who has access to the project can open the state of the view saved in the link. 

Find out how to invite user into the project.

What can be shared? 

Almost every settings and selections can be shared. Those are:

  • zoom level, bounding box and map centre 

  • selected object(s)

  • any setting of filters and global date 

  • any setting in Visibility panel

  • type of visualization and level of granularity

  • dashboard with drilled indicator and/or any settings of blocks on dashboard (except collapsed/expanded blocks)

  • active tool instead of dashboard (tools = Compare, Filters, Search or Measure tool with selected isolines)

There is no time limit. The link will work as long as the view is available. The link stops work if the view is deleted. 

What happens to the share link if the view (data, indicators..) is updated?
Some changes in project metadata or updates of data can affect the state of view stored in share link. 

E.g. the share link stores a filter set up to specific segment of values. If filter is not deleted, then the link will work. The same applies if other features are changed. 

If data are changed, in most cases again nothing happen. But if there's a filter with selected marker and marker data are deleted, then it is not possible to open the view. The share link will always use the recent data.

You can copy the link into presentation, chat, email it or save it to clipboard. It is not possible to save the link in the platform yet.

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