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Measure distance and radius
Measure distance and radius

Measure distance using lines or isolines, select objects in isoline, display coordinates of any place

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Measure is a tool designed to determine the distance. You can use isolines to see the radius or line to measure distance between two objects. It is available in tool panel.

When you select the tool, you can switch between Isoline or Line panel. Use the cross icon to get back to Infopanel with indicators.


An isoline represents points of equal distance from a point, such as the transportation time from a particular point. You can use walking, cycling or driving distance in minutes or distance in kilometres by straight line from given point. Keep in mind that it doesn't count current traffic situation.

Example 1.: How far a person walk from selected place in 15 minutes?

Example 2.: 1 km driving distance by straight line from a given point.

Set up the value of isoline

Click on the slider break and using mouse or arrows set up the desired value.

Select objects in isoline

Currently, you can select objects represented by dots or markers inside the isoline. Selection is limited to 500 objects.

Define the isoline and click on "Select objects" in the isoline panel.

When you choose a type of objects you will switch to the Infopanel displaying values calculated for selected group of objects.

It helps you to find answers to questions e.g. "What Turnover generate customers living in 10 mins walking distance from my shop?"

Add another isoline

Click on "Add another zone" to display other isoline. You can set different parameters to the other isoline. 


Click anywhere in the map and follow the instructions in the tooltip. You can check the current distance in panel. The distance is displayed in kilometres in straight line.

Click on the icon to clear the measuring and make another one.


Click on any place or object (dot, marker) in the map to display its coordinates in isoline panel.

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