Why is it useful?

It is possible to use any object (polygon, marker, dot) as a filter. It allows you to explore data just for that selected object.


  • to explore just the data of some higher administrative unit and to drill down to smaller administrative units contained in the superflous one

  • to further analyze data just in catchment area of some branch/shop/ATM represented as marker on map

How it works?

Select any object on the map and then click on icon next Filters to display just the data linked to this object and to add the object to filters. You can send as many objects as you need to filters using shift and click.

In Filters panel you can adjust settings of the object filter, disable it or reset to default. 

When you switch to different View or get to the Project page, the object filter resets and disappears from Filters panel.

What's next?

Read more about filters and indicator filters.

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