Double counting

How to recognize and deal with incorrect value of indicator?

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Is there a yellow triangle sign next to the indicator value? It means that there might be double counting going on.

What is double counting?

It can easily happen when creating an indicator that the intended metric does not return the correct value due to double counting. It is an error that occurs when datasets in project are incorrectly joined. This may cause some records to be re-counted and results in false indicator value.  

The guile of double counting lies in the fact that it can only appear in some specific situations. The indicator seems to be correct but after adding the filters its value is not true anymore. Sometimes it might be clear on first sight that the value of indicator is wrong, sometimes the metric will be complicated and the incorrect value won't be obvious.

There's no prevention, it is not possible to predict all combinations of filters and indicators. That's why we use this triangle sign to let you know when there might be something wrong with the value of indicator in your project. 

How to deal with double counting?

We don't want users of CleverMaps platform to be mistaken. Whenever you see yellow triangle sign next to the indicator value contact data analyst or consultant who created the project to check and fix the bug. If you are experienced user, you can fix it on your own. Just follow the instructions in Documentation for Developers. Once the issue is solved the yellow triangle will disapper.

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