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Working with block Ranking
Working with block Ranking

Sort and rank the objects according to indicator value, select objects.

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Block Ranking is available on indicator drill or directly on dashboard linked to an indicator. It enables you to sort and rank the objects according to indicator value.

This state of Ranking is available when you click on indicator on dashboard in drill it down. The number in the upper right corner tells you how many objects are listed in the block and you can scroll down to display all of them gradually.

Ranking now displays Wards ordered according to indicator Number of Customer descendently. Click on "Sort ascending" to sort the object the other way. Block automatically displays Rank of objects of currently active granularity of data, Wards in this case.

Block Ranking is interactive

  • hover over item highlights the object in map

  • click on the item in Ranking centers the map to that object

Select object or multiple objects

Do the right click on item in Ranking to display a menu that allows you to select one or multiple objects.

Rank other type of object

If available, Ranking allows you to rank other type of objects. Click on "Shops" in this case to display Shops ordered according to indicator value.

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