Control visibility of objects displayed onto a map.

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Visibility tool allows you to control displayed objects onto a map. In the Visibility panel, you have several options to show and hide all types of objects - markers and any type of visualization. 

Display or hide objects

You can display (or hide) an entire group of markers with just a single click. Markers can represent restaurants, branches, ATMs - whatever is most relevant to your data. You can even toggle the display of individual markers within the group simply by clicking on eye icon on the right. You can also use "Only", "Invert" or "Select all" tools. 

You can also hide (and display) the primary visualization. It gives you an almost clear map for context. It is possible to control type of visualisation currently used in the view.

Keep filtered objects in map and see the context

The "Keep filtered objects in the map" toggle allows you to display or hide objects (markers, areas, dots or lines) that doesn't carry any data under current settings of filters, global date or selected object with data relation to other objects. 

When you turn this option on the "filtered" objects switch to suppressed mode. Markers get black, other objects get gray.

Gif above: Branches represented as markers on map, black are the ones which don't fullfill current filter settings.

Gif below: Catchment area of selected branch displayed in shades of blue. Once you turn on the the toggle, you will see in grey the areas that do not fall into the catchment area.

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